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Automated QEEG Reports Web Based Client Management Custom Built Progress Tracking

Comprehensive integrative system for analyzing EEG brainmaps, assessing clients, developing protocols, tracking training sessions, and following client progress for the purposes of neurofeedback.


Instant Brain Map Analysis Reports

The NewMind QEEG Analysis and Client Management system is a unique system designed specifically for the field of Neurofeedback. Practitioners can use the system to obtain an instant analysis of EEG brain maps, manage clients, track Neurofeedback sessions, and build progress trackers tailored to the client’s specific symptoms. All analysis reports are client friendly and easy to read, making them highly effective sales tools when reviewing EEG analyses with clients.

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Automated NFB Training Protocol Analysis

The NewMind Analysis system provides a reference database system that is tailored specifically for clinicians instead of researchers. The analysis reports are comprehensive and provide, at a glance, not only the standard output of highly expensive research grade EEG systems but also suggests possible areas of cognitive and emotional problems typically associated with EEG map profiles, as well as protocols (standard and Z-Score) and supplements likely to be effective.

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Build Custom Progress Tracking Questionnaires

Learning to process and read EEG reports typically takes years of experience, but the NewMind system allows users to obtain a report that is easy to interpret and use, even for those with minimal experience. Allowing practitioners new to the field to begin immediately using the EEG assessment while learning the ins and outs of EEG guided Neurofeedback.

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Supplement List from EEG and Physiological Profile

Detect potential metabolic issues requiring referral that may impede progress with neurofeedback training by using the New Mind metabolic checklist. By inspecting qEEG patterns, the New Mind supplement output can aid professional associates in identifying supplements that may support neurofeedback training.

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  • Richard Soutar Ph.D. A pioneer in the field of neurofeedback, Dr. Soutar has published three books on the topic...

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  • BCIA Certified? NewMind offers the ONLY BCIA accredited on-line certification program...

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